About Automax Japan

 width=Auto Max is based in Tokorozawa next to Tokyo. We are a fully integrated used vehicle exporter who provides a one stop service for buyers. We have been exporting used automobiles from Japan for more than 10 years. We started by exporting used vehicles to New Zealand and now we are exporting used cars, trucks, buses and heavy machinery to many countries all around the globe. We now specialize in exporting to African countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and in the middle east to UAE, Saudi Arabia, apart from New Zealand and Australia. We are also shipping vehicles to Kazakhstan, Georgia in the Russian continent and recently we have started exporting to South American countries such as Chile, Peru, Bolivia along with America and Canada.

 width=This recent growth in the list of our exporting countries has come at a time when the whole world in recession, thereby proving the fact that honesty and hard work never goes unrewarded. Most important thing for our business is to establish trust between our buyers and us and to provide the best deal and service to our customers. We constantly endeavor to improve our stock selection and buying procedures and keep a small margin to allow our customers all over the world to make good profits from the stock they source through us.

 width=We only buy our stock from reputed Japanese Auctions and therefore the vehicles are pre-checked and any faults/repairs are shown in the auction sheets which are made available to the buyers. This allows the buyers to make an informed decision about the vehicle that want to buy.


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